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The Installation Distance of LED Solar Street Lamp and the Angle Adjustment of Solar Panel

Return list Date of publication: 2019-07-30

The working principle of LED solar street lamp; In the daytime, under the control of the controller, solar panels are irradiated by sunlight, absorb solar energy and convert it into electric energy. In the daytime, the battery module charges the battery group, and in the evening, the battery group provides power to supply the LED light source. The manufacturer of LED solar street lamp is from the company that manufactures the LED solar street lamp. And realize lighting technology.

The solar controller controls the working state of the LED solar street lamp. When the voltage of the solar panel is below 3V and the LED light source works, the solar radiation reaches its maximum illumination at noon when the weather is clear in summer. The average solar energy received in the area perpendicular to the direction of the solar light is about 1000W, if it is at the annual day-night level. They are only about 200 W, while in winter they are only about half of the total. This energy density is very low.

Therefore, when using solar energy, the manufacturer of LED solar street lamp wants to get a certain conversion power. The installation of solar panels is adjusted to the South and the installation angle is 30 to 45 which is more conducive to the absorption of energy by solar street lamp.