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General Knowledge and Working Principle of LED Solar Street Lamp

Return list Date of publication: 2019-07-30

At present, with the acceleration of urbanization and urban infrastructure construction in China, the market demand for lighting products in cities is gradually expanding. Under the background of energy shortage, LED solar street lamp manufacturers consume enormous energy and waste enormous energy, which also affects the urban ecological environment. This is obviously not in line with the development direction of energy utilization in China, but also has great limitations.

LED solar street lamp is mainly composed of solar panels, lamps, lamp poles, controllers, batteries and so on. The controller is generally placed inside the lamp pole, which has the functions of light control and time control. It also has the functions of adjusting the lighting time and half power in four seasons. In order to guard against theft, rain and temperature variation, most of the batteries are buried in underground special insulation boxes.

The working principle of LED solar street lamp is that the solar radiation energy is received by the solar panel during the day and stored in the battery. At night, when the illumination is reduced to a set value, the controller automatically sends out instructions to light the lamp, and then automatically closes the lamp according to the set time when the morning comes.