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The greater the power of LED street lamp head, the better

Return list Date of publication: 2019-07-30

Will the higher the power of LED street lamp head, the better? Not at all. The lamp power should be based on the environmental needs, through testing, rather than their own subjective thinking as much as possible, so the lamp head power, not the bigger the better, in order to meet the lighting needs, should be the smaller the better, in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The power range of LED street lamp head is about 30W to 210W. In rural roads and other places where the lighting requirements are not high, 30W-60W street lamp head can fully meet the lighting requirements. In secondary roads and slow lanes, lamps under 150W are sufficient to meet the lighting requirements. In main roads and fast lanes, the lighting requirements are high, so it needs 150W to 210W street lamp. Head, no matter how big the LED lamp head is, but too big the lamp head will bring huge pressure to the interface, and the heat dissipation is insufficient, easy to cause new problems, so it is not recommended. Highway generally does not set up street lights, so it is enough to meet the lighting needs of the main road.