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Analysis of lamp pole types for outdoor lighting in Tongde

Return list Date of publication: 2019-07-30

As a professional solar street lamp manufacturer in Zhongshan Guzhen, Tongde outdoor lighting is very familiar with the lamp pole. In fact, different manufacturers produce different lamp poles. There are many kinds and processes, and the prices are also very different. There are three kinds of lamp poles used in street lamp industry: hot-dip galvanized pole, galvanized pole and square pole.

Hot-dip galvanized pole is made of Q235 high-quality steel, hot-dip galvanized inside and outside, with the best product quality and conforming to international standards. It can guarantee 15 years of rust-free, and is the best temporary lamp pole, which is generally used by customers with high product quality requirements. The principle of galvanized pole is similar, except that it is only hot-dip galvanized outside, saving process and price. The latter is cheaper, which can guarantee 8 to 10 years'service life; the square bar is a iron lamp pole, so it has poor corrosion resistance, the lowest quality and the cheapest price, which can guarantee 3 to 5 years' service life.

In addition to the material, there are differences in spraying process. Zhengxiang lighting generally uses baking paint, outdoor special fluorocarbon paint can greatly prolong the life of lamp poles, and some solar street lamp manufacturers use spraying, so the effect will be worse. In general, the color is white and green, of course, it can also be customized according to customer requirements.