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Why do Solar Street Lamps Use LED

Return list Date of publication: 2019-07-26

Careful observation will find that the use of solar street lamps are LED, in fact, this observation is correct, solar street lamp manufacturers in the industry perspective, this is a popular source of light, the professional name is light emitting diodes. This kind of light source has drawbacks, its heat dissipation is a big problem, and the price is relatively expensive, so why do solar street lamps use LED?

The basic reason is the limitation of solar street lamp. Solar street lamp relies on solar energy to generate electricity and provide lighting power. Even the best solar panel, the photoelectric conversion rate reaches 21%. With all kinds of losses, the daily electricity generated is limited, and it is doomed not to maintain high-power and high-energy-consuming lamps and lanterns. LED is the most energy-saving light source nowadays, it can consume small, bright, is the best choice for solar street lamp.

In addition to the limitations of solar street lamp itself, solar street lamp manufacturer Zhengxiang believes that the advantages of LED itself is also an important reason. Although the problem of heat dissipation of LED is big and expensive, its flaws are not hidden. Its advantages of low energy consumption, high brightness and long life are incomparable with other light sources. Nowadays, LED street lamp is widely used to replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp. Even non-solar street lamp uses LED.