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Applicable Skills for Extending the Life of Solar Street Lamp

Return list Date of publication: 2019-07-16

In recent years, the applicable techniques of prolonging the life of solar street lamps have been widely popularized, and they have been installed in many areas. However, after two or three years'use in some places, some problems will be found. Street lamps will be completely extinguished or need to replace parts to re-light. Today, Zhengxiang Lighting is small. This edition will introduce some skills about prolonging the service life of solar street lamps.

Under normal conditions, the service life of solar street lamps will exceed 5 years, and the service life of street lamp poles and solar panels will last more than 25 years. It has certain advantages, so solar LED street lamp will be popular. For solar street lamp, the short board is battery. If we do not master the core energy-saving technology, lithium batteries generally need to be replaced in about three years. To prolong its service life, we need to constantly improve and innovate in technology, and not in technology. Continuous innovation to meet the needs of users.

In order to prolong the service life of solar street lamps, we still need to grasp some details. The daily maintenance of the solar street lamp after installation is also very important. If it can not be well maintained, its service life will be reduced. Therefore, the street lamp is regularly repaired, problems are found and solved in time, which indirectly prolongs its service life.